November 29th 2022
Five new deliverables are now publicly available on CARE webpage “Resources”!

Five new deliverables are now publicly available on CARE webpage “Resources

Do you wish to be able to run an antiviral screen and toxicity counter screen in one test? Look at the deliverable D1.1 to learn about this dual reporter HTS assay, developed by engineering a host cell line and a virus to express each a different fluorescent reporter protein. An advantage of this easy, fast and low cost assay is that it does not require any handling once the assay plates have been set up. Indeed, after addition of the virus and incubation for 3 days, both the antiviral effect as well as any adverse effect of the antivirals on the host cell can simply be quantified using either the reporter of the virus or the reporter of the cell line.


How can you learn from CARE to optimise antiviral drug development? By using a system approach to evaluate the downstream impact of CARE research and development decisions on the health system, on the patient and health outcomes in general. Deliverable D3.5 presents the first version of CARE’s system impact model. Early model building interviews and model validation interviews have helped to identify some of the relevant variables in the drug development system. This model can be used to develop a preparedness strategy to safely speed up the treatment of novel coronavirus outbreaks with antivirals.


Where is CARE in the development of optimized small molecule candidate drugs to fight coronavirus? Read about screening cascades for hit discovery and the hit development programs currently ongoing in CARE in the latest Portfolio report (D3.1).


How is CARE implementing a multicentre clinical platform?  Insights into the CARE Clinical Trial Platform (CTP) are shared in two deliverables. D7.17 presents CARE CTP representation concept, i.e. a bottom-up process for representation of the different partners in the platform and their contributions to it, including the sub-tasks needed to provide different services from areas such as quality assurance, fast track processes, patient information/access and representation via the CTP.  Rapid design and conduct of clinical trials are key to the successful development of a novel therapeutic in the context of a pandemic and beyond. For this purpose, CARE CTP worked on implementing a fast track process for submission and review of trial documents to the ethics committees and contracts to the legal departments of the participating partner sites as described in D7.16.